Monday, October 4, 2010

Lunch Today - Fojol Bros.

So I was walking to the bank on my lunch break and stumbled upon this truck offering Indian/Pakistani culinary delights. You had a choice is a tasting, medium, or large plate. For the medium plate you can choose two items, the large choose three. The items were Pumpkin, Three Beans, Butter Chicken and Chicken Curry. I went with the two chickens and pumpkin, all over Basmati rice. I've seen this concept starting to pop up around DC and Northern VA of a "food cart" selling really good and creative food. (If you still want overcooked hot dogs and Chili Fritos you can still go to the cart on the corner)

The food was fantastic! The Butter Chicken was so savory and the Curry Chicken had just enough spice to satisfy my ingrained Pakistani taste buds. The pumpkin was a surprise! It was amazing! The mix of curry spices with the sweetness the pumpkin was a perfect marriage. If you can catch this van, I highly recommend.

On to the next subject, and I will be brief, what's up with people putting stuffed animals on their rear dashboards?? I mean really! And I'm not talking about the high school girls driving to the pep rally hoping their boyfriends take their virginity on prom night, I'm talking about grown-ass individuals, men and women. I can see how if you have kids, you may have some toys back there etc etc, but I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about the single people who think that the "Child-like cuteness is attractive" method actually works! For Women, stop it! It's a gateway to living alone with 9 cats! For Men, you should just kill yourself now because your life is not getting better, so what's the point!

OK, I'm done!

Line up this week:

Thurs: 5 year anniversary party for DC Modern Luxury Magazine (Thanks Heather!)
Fri: Fly Private at Fly Lounge (Covering for my boy Dirty Hands)
Sat: Fly Lounge (been there for 4 years so if you didn't know, you should cover your rear dash with stuffed animals)



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