Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Pet Peeve - Ed Hardy!

Ed Hardy has been pissing me off for a VERY long time. There are very few designers that reach a level of tackiness and gaudiness that physically makes me sick. While walking down Collins and Lincoln in Miami Beach, I had to stop numerous times to grab some water or just sit down to keep from throwing up in my mouth. Thanks Christian Audigier! As my friend Neran pointed out, Audigier has now made it infinitely easier to point out douchbags. If your a friend of mine and you still wear Ed Hardy, please stop! As a friend, I beg of you! JUST STOP! I wonder if Ed Hardy has signed on as the official wardrobe provider for VH1's "Tool Academy" (a guilty pleasure I must admit).

Bottom line: Ed Hardy clothing is not a good look!

Honorable Mention: Affliction clothing is just as bad!



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