Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning (afternoon now) Pet Peeve - Just Plain Nasty Edition!

Like most people, I work in an office during the day. And I have to deal with all that comes along with sharing an office with co-workers who you may like, or not like. I have to deal with office politics and the annoying habits of others. One thing that drives me to insanity is when co-workers do not wash their hands after leaving the bathroom!

I'm not a germ-a-phobe (however my bottle of hand sanitizer at my desk may attest otherwise), but I do have a problem with catching other peoples germs because of their stupidity. Have you ever noticed how many things you touch around the office. Door nobs, copy machines, coffee pots, phones, keyboards, etc etc.. Now imagine your senior manager (and I've noticed it is the senior managers, partners, senior level executives that are notorious for just being nasty!) leaving the bathroom after taking care of business, and touching ALL those things mentioned!! It's enough to make you wanna throw up that six dollar extra shot,soy, venti mocha latte with sugar-free mocha!

I hate getting sick! But I hate it more when it's due to the carelessness of others and the lack of common decency! So the next time you shake the hand of your senior executive, you may wanna stop by the bathroom and scrub down like McDreamy. fecal matter is not what's hot in the streets!


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