Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Pet Peeve - Ladies First Edition!

Sorry for missing last weeks Monday Morning Pet Peeve, I've actually had work to do, so paying the bills came before my ignorant musings.

Today will be brief. I will need the women of the world to stop wearing too much makeup! All too often men are duped and bamboozled into thinking that you really look like that! That your skin is actually flawless and that your eyebrows are really shaped like that.

It's not fair dammit!! Guys (at least most straight guys) don't wear makeup so there is no misleading or false advertisement on our part. The way we looked at the club the night before is the way we will look first thing in the morning. Unfortunately I can't say the same for some women, emphasis on SOME! God Bless 'em, there are some woman that actually do look as advertised, and a little make up is fine. But when you start to get mistaken for Ronald McDonald, Side-Show Bob or even worse--A Muppet--, you've gone too far. See Picture.. (courtesy of and


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