Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Pet Peeve: Grooming Edition

Now I am all for men grooming themselves. C'mon! It's 2009! There is no reason why you should be rocking the Bert and Ernie Unibrow!

Luckily in this area there are places like "The Grooming Lounge" that are "salons" for men! That make men comfortable getting waxed, or a mani/pedi (that's manicure and pedicure if you don't know the jargon), or a facial. Let's face it men, if the President of the United States is doing pull ups with a fresh shape up before he drops a speech, it's time you step your game up!

But when does grooming go to far? When does it cross the line from being sexy and natural looking, to being downright GAY?!?! This leads me to my pet peeve for this monday: Men who arch their eyebrows like women!!!!!

I don't know why this makes my blood boil, but it does! I admit, I am the victim of unfortunate genes and I have a unibrow, and I do groom them so I don't look like a Geico caveman. But when in Puerto Rico (and certain parts of New York City), I noticed a large number of Latino men thining and arching their eyebrows. So much so, that their eyebrows looked better than their girlfriends! WTF? What is going to come next? Are you gonna start drawing on your eyebrows? Better yet, just shave 'em off and get new eyebrows tatooed on!! I don't know many women that feel comfortable with a man who is more groomed than they are. Metrosexuals are gone! (They all let their inner Gay come out) Women don't want a man who takes longer to get ready than they do! More and More in speaking with my female friends, women want a man to BE A MAN!! Stop being a punk! Pick out the restaurant! Take charge in the bedroom! STEP YOUR GAME UP!

So please Latino and Non-Latino Men, stop tweezing your eyebrows into oblivion. You look Gay as hell ( no offense to my homosexual friends - you all keep doing what you doing! ).



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