Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Pet Peeves!

I'm gonna try to keep this segment of the blog going as long as I can.

So my monday pet peeve for this week are requests. Yes I do take requests, occasionally, and if they are good. This week I will focus on patrons who ask me to play "Beyonce" or "Britney" or "Insert Current Hot Song Here". Here is a PSA from the DJ Community to you (the "Patron").

-If the song you want to hear is the HOTTEST SONG out right now, rest assured, we will play it. You don't need to ask us, and you DEFINITELY don't need to ask us more than once (that will be a pet peeve entry for another day). Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is the HOTTEST girl anthem out right now, WE HAVE TO PLAY IT!!! Here is the problem, you want to hear your favorite song when YOU WANT TO HEAR IT! As a DJ, you ("Patron") need to realize that most DJ's have 4-5 hrs of music to fill and can not play "Single Ladies" 12 times (a DJ can, but that just is a mark of a terrible DJ). So "Patron" we ask that you exercise some PATIENCE!! You cannot expect the club (that is also a restaurant) to be jumping at 8pm, when people are still eating dinner!!! And you can not expect me to play the HOTTEST songs at 9:15pm (when the club closes at 3am). Also do not use these lines to try to get us to play your song:

1. "It's my (or my friend's) Birthday!" (FYI jackass! It is someones birthday everyday!! What makes you so special??)
2. "I'm about to leave, can you play "fill in hot song here"?? (If you leave, it makes no difference to me, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE CLUB!!!!!! This bothers me the most when it is early in the night and there is a bachelorette party bar hopping and they will ask every DJ at every spot to hear their favorite song -- which rest assured is being played on HEAVY rotation on the radio!)
3. "I'll give you a Kiss/Hug/Grope to play "fill in hot song here"! (You nasty skank!! What the hell makes you think that I want to touch your slutty ass if your selling yourself for a song!!! WTF???)

So, "Patron", know this, a DJ is not there to just play music, we are there to create and atmosphere. Most of the time the song you want to hear, does not fit into the atmosphere that we are trying to create at the club (i.e. if the club owner wants a more "Housey" feel, don't keep asking me to play Lil' Wayne, unless it's the Scottie B Remix).

I think that's enough for today's installment of "Monday Morning Pet Peeves". Let's see what pisses me off from now until next Monday.



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