Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Camera!

So i've finally taking that leap in to the digital SLR world. I've always been interested in photography, hell I was photo editor of my high school yearbook (whoo hoo!), so a couple of weeks ago I decided that I want a semi-pro SLR camera. With the help of my friend Welby, pro photographer in ALL the clubs, he guided me to the Cannon EOS Rebel XT. The other option was the Nikon D40, but Welby has the same EOS camera and would be able to help me out with it, so I chose the Cannon.

I LOVE THAT CAMERA!! It makes taking pictures of my niece and my nephew so much fun. Welby also turned me on to Picasa2, a free software offered by google. It is really easy to use for the beginning photographer, like myself. My niece's 1st birthday is this weekend and I can't wait to take pictures! I think I've essentially designated myself the family photographer! Who knows, you may see me take pictures, while I DJ!! DOUBLE THREAT!!
Thanks for the help Welby!

Later folks.


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