Monday, December 24, 2007

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Antoinette Caternor

On Dec. 22, 2007 at approximately 5:45pm, Mrs. Antoinette Caternor passed from this world. Mrs. Caternor is the mother of one of my closest friends. She was a mother to me as well as her own 3 children. She was a loving mother and wife. I've known and been a member of the Caternor family for the past 18 years. And for all of those 18 years, Mrs. Caternor has showered her endless love and affection upon me as if I was one of her own children. When I needed work, she gave me a job at the YMCA child care center. When I needed a home cooked meal, she would make me the best plate of jerk chicken on earth. When I needed advice, she spoke to me with compassion and love.

For two years, Mrs. Caternor battled breast cancer. After a promising remission a year after diagonsis, the cancer returned and never left. Mrs. Caternor's will to live and fight remained until her final hours. I know she yearned to hold on just long enough for family to make the trip from Antigua, but the cancer has spread too much. I was lucky enough to be able to spend her last hours on earth with her and her family at a local hospice. Although I was greatful to be there and to pray with her, it pained me to see the woman who I've known for most of my life to be a vivaciaous, firery, humorous and loving person, in an almost vegitative state. I'd like to think that she knew I was there. That she knew how much I loved her and how much I appreciated her being there for me. She is survived by her husband, Seth, and three children AC, Robert and Gift. But in addition to her 3 children, Mrs. Caternor was a mother to many. many more.

I ask everyone to support Breast Cancer research. Save The Ta-Tas is an organization that sends 5% of their gross sales towards breast cancer research. Every little bit helps in the fight against breast cancer. I pray that God holds Mrs. Antoinette Caternor close, and protects her as she slips from this world into the next.


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