Monday, December 3, 2007

Bills vs. Skins

I know it' s been a long time since I've posted (Mea Culpa!) and I've promised a new mix and it is coming! I've done some recordings from the club, but am not satisfied with the quality, so I'm gonna work out the kinks before posting it.

I went to the Bills/Skins game on Sunday, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Bills fan. After all, it is my hometown! The game was GREAT!!! Obviously it was very emotional with the death of Sean Taylor (may God be with you), but a football game had to be played. It wasn't an offensive clinic, but they Bills pervailed in a last second field goal (helped along by Gibbs' incompetence!). We had a great time, got to see my friend Rob Royal (number 84 tight end) and hang out on the field before the game. My friend Tariq ( got us field passes from his friend Gibran Hamdan (number 10 for the bills, backup QB). It was a great experience to be on the field. These players are soo much bigger in person!

UPDATE: I will be starting a new night next week (subject to change). As of right now, I am scheduled to do Tuesday nights at Tatoo. A new bar/club opening up across the street from Lotus (14th and K st NW). I will keep you posted. Please come out and support your boy!



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