Monday, November 12, 2007

Add this to your to-do list!!

I know it's been a while since I've posted something on apologies. Things have been very busy. This past week was GREAT!! The clubs were poppin!

On the 17th, there is an event at LIV that is NOT TO BE MISSED. Super Dj's/producers/cultural icons Spinna and Bobbito are bringing their critically acclaimed tribute to Stevie Wonder show to Club LIV!! If I wasn't working, I would be there with bells and whistles on!! This event is strictly for music lovers and people looking for something new!!! I applaud MN8 for consistently bringing good acts to DC...Bravo!

This is the kinda show I wish we could have in DC on a regular basis.....Hey... That's not a bad idea.. hmmmmmmmmm

On another note...I know I've been promising more downloadable mixes, and I will deliver... I'm planning on going back in the lab to records a strictly Funky Breaks/House/Biale/Everything in between mixtape soon which will be available on my website. So please, bear with me!


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