Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Tuesday !

Well, there really isn't anything happy about Tuesdays. In any case, Sunday night at Ibiza was great! It was my first time there, and it is a really beautiful spot! I encourage all to come out and support Sundays at Ibiza!

If you didn't know, Common and Q-Tip will be performing at Sonar in Baltimore on Wednesday, my man DJ P-Funk will be gracing the wheels o' steel! Check it out if you can make it up there, should be a good show.

On a completely unrelated topic, someone please let me know what the hell Isiah Thomas is talking about?
Asked if he was bothered by a black man calling a black female “bitch,” Thomas said: “Not as much. I’m sorry to say, I do make a distinction.”
“A white male calling a black female a bitch is highly offensive,” Thomas said. “That would have violated my code of conduct.”
“Maybe I shouldn’t go there. … A white male calling a black female, that is wrong with me. I’m not taking that. I’m not accepting that … That’s a problem for me.”

WHAT THE HELL?? Are you serious Isiah?? I love the Knicks, but Isiah is making it hard as hell to root for them!
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