Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ibiza on Sunday.

Angels Rock Bar last Wednesday went off very well. Got alot of very good feedback from patrons and employees alike.

This Sunday I will be starting a new gig at Ibiza. Be sure to come thru and check it out, I'm Djing with Dj P-Funk from Baltimore.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Angels Rock Bar - Baltimore!

Happy Hump-Day!

Tonight I start a new gig in Baltimore (Yes, I said Baltimore.). It will be a very new experience for me, because I will playing Rock music...all night long! I've never done that, anyone who has heard me spin has heard a little rock thrown in here and there, but this is a WHOLE lot different.

I'm a little nervous, but I accept the challenge. If you can make It up to Baltimore tonight, I would appreciate the support. But if you want to hear Hip Hop, you betta stay your ass in DC!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back on the scene!

Good afternoon (and Ramadan Mubarak!)...I'm back from vacation! It was a much needed break from the norm... I will be back at my regular spots (Thurs/Sat at FLY and Fri at Inde Bleu) this week.

Next monday I will be DJ'ing a Movie Premier at the AFI theatre in Silver Spring. The movie is called "The Mayor of Sunset Strip". Unfortunately I don't know how much it costs, but come by and check it out. The reception starts at 7pm, movie ends around 10:30pm. This event will continue every month until December, showcasing a new movie.

Also Tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm, there is a PUMA x FADER event at the Puma store in Georgetown, I highly recommend you check it out! I think Speical Ed will be there, so you don't want to miss it.

Stay tuned, I should have some new gigs comming up and I will be posting a new mix soon...promise!


Det Ta Steppin Featuring Mos Def and Vinia Mojica