Friday, August 31, 2007

Vacation and the new Kanye!!

I am finally taking a MUCH NEEDED vacation! I will be descending on Spain (Ibiza to be exact) on Saturday, Sept 1st and will return on Saturday, Sept 8th. So when you go to Fly or Inde Bleu next week and don't see me, you will know why.

So, by the grace of my friendly neighborhood bootlegger, thanks Dave!, I got my hands on the new Kanye West album "Graduation".....

My Verdict: I'm still indifferent... I think I need to listen to it more before I can give my seal of approval or my stamp of damnation. I think I'm just tired of the Hip Hop being produced, and have been for a while. There are definitely some tracks on the Kanye album I like, and there are definitely some tracks I am disappointed in (the one with Mos Def.....not either's shining moment...what a shame!).

However, here are two tracks I did like....

kanye west flash lights ft. dwele

kanye west homecoming ft. chris martin

One of the surprise bands that I've really taken a liking to is Peter Bjorn and John. I definitely give this track airplay in the club...although some people are not with it, I am.....I wish people would turn off their radios!

peter bjorn and john - young folks (thanks Brian!)

Cheers! and I will see you when I get back!


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