Friday, August 3, 2007

See you tonight!

What's up party people! Well FINALLY the weekend is upon us, and I want to remind you that I will be spinning happy hour at Lotus Lounge from 7 - 9:30pm tonight, then I head over to Inde Bleu until 3am! So come check me out sometime tonight! Also, I will be at Fly lounge tomorrow night, there is not change of plans! Just an FYI.

Other than that, life has been decent...can't complain too much, and besides what good will that do!

I've been very much in an electic state of mind are three tracks (very different, but great in their own right!)


Cat Stevens (aka Yousef Islam) - Father and Son
Cat Stevens (aka Yousef Islam) - Wild World
Little Brother feat. Mos Def (Off of the Dj Drama Mixtape "Separate But Equal") - Let it Go