Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Sad Day

So Mike Vick pleaded guilty, because he is...and I hope they throw the book at him! I hate when Celebs think they are above the law! And honestly, the NFL is outta control! They really need to tighten the reigns on their players. What other profession can you be arrested as many times as the whole Bengals roster, and still keep your job! And now some feel Mike Vick's career should not suffer because of a FELONY charge!! WTF?? If I was working at McDonalds and caught a felony charge, I would be OUT OF A JOB!!! PERIOD!!!

But what is more sickening is the fact that there are people outside the courtroom holding signs supporting Vick...I'm not so upset about that, what I am upset about is the fact that there are still scores of PEOPLE dying in Darfur and MILLIONS of refugees!! Why aren't we paying more attention to that! When are we going to start saving Humans?

On a lighter note, I will be at Fly this Thursday and Inde Bleu this case you didn't know!


Blogger 100YearsOfTrash said...

agreed across the board.

my question is: why is it ok when white dudes kill "poor performing" deer and pheasant, but a federal offense when vick kills "poor performing" dogs?

something to think about?..

August 28, 2007 at 8:22 PM  

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